STUDIO BONTEMPELLI COMMERCIALISTIVia Marco de Marchi, 7 - 20121 Milano, Italia
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Work with us

We are always looking for motivated and talented people!

Our success depends on the quality of the people who work in our studio; this is why quality performance and talent are rewarded here

Are you a student or graduate?

Take on the challenge and unlock your potential!

Joining Studio Bontempelli Commercialisti means having a chance to work with a multi-professional team: getting in touch with different skills, expertise will allow you to grow and learn something new every day.

An internship or traineeship at Studio Bontempelli Commercialisti is a highly demanding though enriching growth experience that will allow you get involved in many aspects of the profession and to share ideas with more experienced colleagues.

What are we looking for in a student or graduate?

  • excellent academic results
  • enthusiasm
  • willingness to keep on studying
  • teamwork skills

Are you an experienced professional?

Give your career a boost and find out how to make a difference!

Studio Bontempelli commercialisti offers a highly dynamic environment where you can work with highly experienced professionals and constantly enhance your skills.

Talents are always encouraged and high performances rewarded: people can really make a difference with their commitment and dedication.

What we look for in an experienced professional?

In addition to a solid professional background, soft skills really matter to us. We want to maintain the positive working climate and mutual trust built over the years. We are looking for professionals ready to get involved and take on continuous challenges, keen to teamwork and to coaching junior colleagues.

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