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Studio Bontempelli Commercialisti

Based in Milan, the firm was formed with the object to give civil, fiscal, company and administrative support and advice to Italian and foreign companies

A firm of accountants based in Milan

The Studio Bontempelli Commercialisti, present in the Milan corporate world for over twenty-five years, has as its main activity civil, fiscal and legal assistance, as well as administrative support, to Italian and foreign companies.

The Studio Bontempelli Commercialisti was formed in Milan’s corporate world, more than twenty-five years ago with the object to give civil, fiscal, company and administrative support and advice to Italian and foreign companies, who can count on an integrated global assistance, by satisfying their operative needs.

The different professional figures at the Studio Bontempelli, thanks to their specific and comprehensive experience in their discipline, are able to contribute face and resolve every need with the maximum effect.

The experience developed over the years of our professional activity, both with Italian and international clients, allows us to address the various problems that may arise in a European and international context.
Although not part of a specific Network, the connections consolidated over time with similar professional structures in the main European countries, allow the development of synergies based on the development needs of clients, in order to optimize tax and business all the while maintaining full compliance with Italian and foreign legislation.

The customers, consolidated and developed over the years, operate in the most different economic and industrial sectors, and are assisted and supported by the firm on the basis of the specific tax, corporate and legal needs of the sector to which they belong.

A multi-professional team

Currently our staff is made up of four Chartered Accountants “Dottori Commercialisti”, two of whom, Partners, are enrolled in the register of Auditors, a Back Office Manager, to manage: HR, internal procedures and compliance, six senior accountants, with specific accounting skills and experience in the main management software, such as Sap, Navision, Sun, Zucchetti, Profis, etc., two secretarial assistants.

The selection is underway to reinforce the professional structure with one/two graduates, active in the professional practice for the profession of Chartered Accountant.

In addition to internal staff, we make use of consolidated collaborations with professionals who are experts in specific subjects, creating an efficient “Multi Professional Team” on specific issues, such as the legislation referred to in Legislative Decree 231/2001, business crisis issues, such as agreements and debt restructuring, anti-money laundering legislation, issues of the utmost importance that by integrating our professionalism allow us to give professional corporate assistance that covers the main corporate needs of Italian and foreign customers.

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Our staff

Senior ConsultantDr.ssa Paola Tazzer

Senior ConsultantDr. Luca Candiani

senior account - back officeClaudia Panigatti

junior secretary Carlotta Micchiante