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Practice areas

Studio Bontempelli Commercialisti offers assistance in civil, fiscal, legal, accounting and administrative fields, with international expertise

Practice areas

The assistance and support of a civil and fiscal nature in corporate transactions of an extraordinary nature, such as mergers, demergers, transformations, constitutions, etc., are part of the ordinary activity of our structure.

The Partners, as well as the other professions of the Firm, take on the roles of Statutory Auditors, as well as members of the Board of Directors, or as Liquidators, when required, at the moment such activity sees n ° 16 positions in place.

Activity related to corporate professional assistance is the management of direct taxes for individuals, generally strictly connected to client companies, and in particular to “Expatriates” subjects, with consequent management of problems relating to the possession of foreign assets or income, it is a matter on to whom the Firm has strong competence and professionalism.

Personnel management, and in particular the services related to payroll and contribution management, are not provided by the Firm, but we have close links with professional firms specialized in this subject, which we are able to coordinate based on the requests and needs of the clientele.

Practice areasOur Services

The goal of our professional activity is the development of highly qualitative and personalized services, to support the success of our customers’ businesses.

Corporate legal and tax assistance

Individualized approach in finding the best structure to optimize business growth prospects, with the proposal and implementation of national or transnational corporate structures.

Assistance in the establishment of companies and legal structures in general, including spa, srl, foundations and trusts, with the preparation of initial deeds and protocols, such as statutes, shareholders’ agreements, etc.

Daily and personalized assistance for the solution of tax, accounting and management problems of daily evidence, supporting the various opinions required by appropriate documentation.

A team of up-to-date consultants in tax and corporate matters, both for private companies and for public bodies and companies in which they hold an interest.

The willingness to support the needs of customers both at our office and at the customer’s premises, providing even if requested, the administrative staff to meet any temporary needs.

The extensive experience gained in extraordinary corporate transactions, such as mergers, demergers, transfers, spin-offs, etc., allows us to be ideal partners for the constant adaptation of corporate structures to the needs of the entrepreneur, in full compliance with civil and fiscal legislation.

The qualifications, and the academic qualifications achieved by the partners allow the Firm to have the skills and experience to take up positions as statutory auditor in a company, statutory auditor, as well as director of client companies.

Our structure avoids, that unlike the auditing firms in general and the big professional names, where consultants or junior accountants gain experience on clients and clients; through continuous and careful internal training, the collaborators of Studio Bontempelli Commercialisti are proposed and brought into contact with customers only when their level of competence and professionalism is adequate for their needs.

Administrative and Accounting Services

The administrative and accounting services offered by Studio Bontempelli Commercialisti allow you to have total support to be able to start and develop any business activity in Italy, both in the field of production and services.

The range of knowledge of programs and procedures allows our Team to interact and converse according to the needs of the most demanding customers, being able to use the most advanced and used management software, such as Sap, Navision, Sun, Zucchetti, etc., according to national regulatory requirements, providing all the reports necessary for a management control aimed at the requests of the entrepreneur or the Italian or foreign group.

The software systems used and developed by the Bontempelli Commercialisti studio allow customers to use administrative, accounting programs, and more, residing on our servers, allowing a customized remote connection, in order to interact directly, optimizing the resources used for development. management control in compliance with civil and fiscal legislation.

The possibility of seconding our highly qualified administrative staff at the customer’s headquarters has always been considered an additional highly professional service, able to make up for both temporary shortages of internal resources, and to develop particular skills in the start-up phase of procedures or of extraordinary corporate events.

The financial planning of the various management activities, both ordinary and extraordinary, is supported and assisted by the Bontempelli Commercialisti studio with the same attention and professionalism.

International Law, Networking and Business Practice

The Bontempelli Accountants Firm, thanks to its experience and presence in the Milanese professional world, has a solid relationship with many Italian and foreign professional firms, all with similar experience gained in corporate, tax and international law and maintains a solid relationship with a number of international organizations.

Our staff speaks English fluently, which facilitates our services to international customers.

Relationships with leading trust companies, non-banking, present in the Milanese square allow to integrate and expand the range of services offered

Due Diligence, Transfer Price and Extraordinary Acts

Extraordinary Acts

Studio Bontempelli Accountants has gained extensive and in-depth experience in the preparation and assistance in extraordinary corporate deeds, such as Credit Restructuring, Arrangements with creditors, Liquidations, Mergers, Demergers, Contributions, both in support of the entrepreneur and on the appointment of the Court